The G2 Gallery Calendar

Environmental Photography Gallery Event Calendar

The G2 Gallery is an award winning nature and wildlife photography gallery that facilitates change by bringing attention to environmental issues through the power of photographic art.

G2 shares this passion with both celebrated and emerging environmental photographers, who use the camera as a tool to inspire conservation.

RID was commissioned to build a new CMS website for the G2 Gallery’s Events calendar, which needed both a compact yet expandable calendar section, and the ability to boldly showcase their artist images.

The result is a dynamic calendar system that stays within the pre-established gallery web brand, while introducing many new features to help automate the process of event posting.

The responsive down to mobile layout of the website reflects the gallery’s high mobile and tablet traffic, and necessity of reaching their audience on a moments notice.

Built with open source technology, the website updates as the web does, ensuring that the G2 Gallery stays current with web standards and trends.






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