Working with new production company Cinemashed

A close friend of mine decided to organize video crew he has been shooting with for several years in Los Angeles into a cohesive production company, Cinemashed. We started talking about what kind of website would really convey a sense of “premium” brand quality, since many of his clients were in the fashion and jewelry industry. We decided upon a design that moved the navigational and branding elements of the website to the margins, and put the photograph and film content front and center stage. The design has proven to be responsive by nature of using all four exterior boundaries as the location of and fixed elements.

For the video component of the website, we elected to go for Vimeo integration, and video posts accessible both from pages, and directly from the main menu, so that a user could have a “one-click” video experience. The draw back to this is that the videos only last as long as the vimeo account, however, the client wants the ability to take videos down on a moments notice, likely for showing clients preliminary cuts of commercials.

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