Venice Beach Wines

Wine Shop, Artisanal Deli, & Community Restaurant Website

Venice Beach Wines is a wine shop, artisanal deli, and community restaurant local in Venice, CA. Venice Beach Wines grew out of an active involvement and love for this unique beach side community.

The owner of Venice Beach Wines, Oscar Hermosillo approached us in 2008, and asked us to build his restaurant and wine shop a basic html website, as well as asking us to do some additional in house IT.

The website is basic but functional, and incorporates my own photographs of the business, as well as a few from renowned photographer Art Grey.

While our orignal design large, bright, and full of images, the client requested substantial design changes, which resulted in the final outcome.

One feature that was left in was the offset javascript slideshow of the three primary image areas.

Each page has different images that cycle at different intervals, which creates image transitions that are more natural and easy on the eye.






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