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Brian Hogan, Ph.D.’s academic portal web site. Excerpt from the homepage bio:

“With a background in ethnomusicology, anthropology, percussion, and computer science, Brian Hogan, Ph.D. combines an aptitude for technology and design with a deep commitment to the theoretical projects of ethnomusicology and anthropology.

Utilizing the many documentary and educational technologies that fall under the blanket category of new media, Dr. Hogan has theorized the spiritual and culture-specific dimensions of ableism and disability in rural West Africa, while contributing to discourses on historical memory, speech surrogation, and global percussive practice.

In the U.S., he has conducted fieldwork with professional drummers on the east coast and west coast, framing the drumset as the locus of an extended ethnomusicological praxis.

As a documentarian, Dr. Hogan has released a short film shot in West Africa, developed an extensive web resource on Ghanaian Birifor musical culture, and is currently working on a full length documentary film on blind Birifor xylophonists.”






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